Racing Toward the Future of Enterprise Mobility: Are You in the Lead or Catching Up?

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More organizations are embracing enterprise mobility. Those that don’t cite: security, cost, lack of knowledge, and existing corporate culture as barriers to adoption. Businesses without a forward-looking mobile strategy risk falling behind in four key areas: employee productivity, customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and bottom-line results. Get your copy of Racing Toward the Future of Enterprise Mobility to see where your organization stands.

At A Glance

Look inside the priorities of the world’s top enterprises leveraging mobile technology to perform their business-critical operations across numerous industries.

  • Mobile Security

    33% of enterprises arm their workers with mobile devices which are ill-equipped to handle two of the biggest security fears they have: data leaks and data breaches.
  • Data Breach

    31% of all survey respondents have experienced a data breath within the past 2 years.
  • IoT Device Performance

    Over 25% of organizations say they aren’t adhering to national and global mobile device protection compliance guidelines or don’t know if they are.
  • Mobile Malware

    Personal data collection and misuse is a major concern for businesses in Germany (78%), France (72%), the UK (70%), and Canada (69%). Only 41% of US businesses view this as a major issue.
  • Real-Time Service

    68% of US respondents have deployed mobile devices to frontline staff in the last 36 months.
  • Apps for Customer Service

    At 67%, France is a world leader in using apps for customer service. The global average for apps to support customer service is 41%.

Racing Toward the Future of Enterprise Mobility: Are You in the Lead or Catching Up?

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